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    Stark Arsin Grinder (Blaze)


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    Stark Arsin Grinder (Blaze) Empty Stark Arsin Grinder (Blaze)

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    Character Template

    Name: Stark Arsin Grinder (Nicknamed: Blaze)

    Sex: Male

    Age: 21

    Race: French, cacausian.

    Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes. 6' 160 pounds. Lean, with abs, however he is not overly muscluar. No facial hair: IE beard, mustasche. His hair is shor-ish... with bangs that fall into his eyes. Strong jaw, but not overly masculine. Veined forearms. Piercings include: tongue ring, cartiledge, silver hoop through left ear, and eye brow double pierced. Tattoos: you'll see....

    Personality: A sadist... sadistic in every sense of the word. He's a sociopath. So to others he just looks like a troubled kid with a past, but in reality... he's cruel, cold, and calculating. Always planning his next move. He takes and takes with no regards unless he decides to abide by them. A complete sexual sadist. He's gay but so far into the closet he's in Narnia. He's the reason monsters have nightmares.

    Effect: He becomes a literal pyro. He can heat up all parts of his body to any degree and burn the things he touches. He eventually grows to be able to projectile the fire. He can create heat through his skin. His eyes turn gold with fire when he is using his power... unless he is going in for the kill or protecting someone precious to him, in that case his eyes turn black. Also, his insides heal... all his organs will cauterize and heal if he is injured, but he can still be seriously hurt. His one weakness... you won't find out until much later.

    Bio and his offense: His dad walked out on him before he was born, and his mom passed away when he was 12. He was adopted and finally emancipated when he was 16. Living on the cold NYC streets he found comfort and fascination in the warmth and cruel disease of fire. His offense was he burned down an abandoned building injuring one within.

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