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    Penelope "Clover" Branwen


    Penelope "Clover" Branwen Empty Penelope "Clover" Branwen

    Post  Guest on Sat Jun 30, 2012 2:33 am

    Name: Penelope "Clover" Branwen

    Sex: Female; straight

    Age: 20

    Race: Welsh-English

    Appearance: Pale skin; large, green eyes; small face with medium-long, dark brown hair; slim but not skinny, lean but not too built; curvy enough, but not a lot. She's about 5'6" and almost always braids her hair back tight into a French braided bun type of fashion. Not one to smile much. Often seen wearing darkish shirts and skinny jeans with a well-loved pair of leather black Keds.

    Personality: Crass, rough, bitter, not quite full of angst as much as anger; she believes that everyone is generally pretty stupid, especially kids her age; very much of a hipster/con-artist-type. She generally keeps to herself, minding her own business, for the most part, though is willing to attempt socializing if she deems there's something of interest in it for her. She is extremely clever and witty, though that usually pans out to others as sarcastic and uncaring. As far as redemptive qualities, she isn't brutal, a bully, or violent, but merely like a wall-flower, an observer, and a subtle manipulator when necessary.

    Effect: Ability to become invisible as well as other objects, control density and mass of objects (such as making an object ghost-like, penetrable as well as invisible), as well as levitation of said objects including herself (moderately, not flying by any means).

    Bio: Theft of some important historical documents, among other assorted important things has landed her in a nice long bout of community service… with possible government job prospects in her near future.

    (More BIO to come... probably in RP forum ^__^)

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