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    Aubrey Harper Empty Aubrey Harper

    Post  LukeSterling on Sat Jun 30, 2012 10:41 pm

    (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY: CLaceyJenkinson)


    Name: Aubrey Harper (Goes by Harper only, as he thinks that 'Aubrey' is 'pansy-ish').

    Sex: Male

    Age: 18

    Race: White.

    *Sexuality*: Straight, and homophobic.

    Appearance: Harper is small and weedy in appearance, with glasses and messy blonde hair. He's the type of boy that old ladies wouldn't run from in the street- which would be exactly their mistake. He has blue eyes and appears to be trustworthy, but in fact is anything but.

    Personality: If one was to describe Aubrey Harper in one word, that one word would be 'foul'. Harper is a spoilt brat of the worst kind, who thinks that he is entitled to the world. He's also lazy, bigoted, and foul-mouthed, enjoys picking fights and treats most people he meets like absolute crap, just because he's so utterly bored. Harper finds it purely entertaining to make other people feel bad.

    Effect: Harper develops the power of Empathy, which is understandably problematic for such a giant asshole.

    Bio: Aubrey Harper is the product of an absent father who has been away in the army practically all of his life, and a hippie, upper-middle-class, artist mother who lets him get away with anything and everything, telling the world that he is 'simply very misunderstood'. Unluckily for her and him, but fortunately for the population of the city that he lives in, that excuse didn't wash with the Court after Harper decided that it would be amusing to mug an eighty-year-old church organist at knife-point in the street, for nothing more than $20 and a pack of cigarettes. So, Harper was convicted, and ordered to do a course of community service as payback for his heinous crime. Naturally, community service hasn't contributed to making him a remotely nicer person, and he spends most of his litter-picking and graffiti-scrubbing days popping gum loudly, and being abusive to passers-by.

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