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    Post  LukeSterling on Sat Jun 30, 2012 10:44 pm

    (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY: ShadowFox516)


    Name: Alex Gates. But you want to call him Fox. No seriously, it's in your best interests to call him Fox.

    Sex: Male

    Age: 19

    Race: White

    Appearance: Tall and slim. Short, dark blue liberty spikes. Typical punk clothing. Black pants with chains, fishnet stuff, often wears unzipped jacket without a shirt. Vertical scar over his left eye. Tattoos: coiling snake makes up his entire left arm. The right arm has many band related tattoos. Across his chest he has the words "If I've done or said anything to offend you, here's my apology: FUCK YOU!" Tribal tattoo on the right side of his face, makes up 1/3 of his face. Piercings: Right eyebrow, three on his lower lip, bridge, septum, tongue, industrial in his left ear, vertical industrial in his right ear, 2 inch plugs.

    Personality: Fox has a very "Alpha Leader" personality. He always has to be in control of the situation, and is pretty assertive. He's a very “doesn't take shit from anyone” type. He is often angry and violent. He hates authority figures and doesn't like to be told what to do. Also, he uses a lot of profanity. A LOT of profanity. He's also pretty condescending.

    Effect: He can manipulate shadows. More specifically, he can become a shadow, move through other shadows in his shadow form, and can manipulate and alter other shadows. Also, he himself never casts a shadow.

    Bio: Fox grew up living with his mother, a heavy drug abuser and an alcoholic, in a trashy appartment complex. She's never really shown him affeciton, just apathatic disinterest. His father is a walkout who he's never talked to in his life. He basically raised himself. He's spent much of his time skipping class and commiting petty crimes. Vandalism, theft, assault, battery, etc. He's more or less lived on the streets since he was expelled from high school, and has been to jail twice. He technically lives with his mom now, but he only returns to that place when absolutely necessary, probably one to three times a week. Otherwise, he stays at various friends' houses or somewhere in public.

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