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    Post  LukeSterling on Sat Jun 30, 2012 10:47 pm

    (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY: robot bride)


    Name: Elan Bridge

    Sex: Female

    Age: 17

    Race: Caucasian

    Appearance: Standing at 5'2" and of average frame, Elan isn't the most intimidating, her slouched posture making her appear smaller than she already is. Her nails are kept short and unpainted-- she used to chew them, and they are still brittle from years of damage to the nail-beds. She has eyes of a darker bluish-green colour and a small, slightly pointed nose. Her face is a slight oval shape, and despite whatever weather there may be, she always seems to have high colour in her cheeks. Her hair is of a medium brown tone, with lighter hues from sun exposure, its texture is bushy, coarse, and curly. Her skin is pale and sensitive-- she is incapable of tanning and prone to freckling.

    Personality: Elan is rather shy, but always willing to go out of her way to help someone-- even a stranger. She is known to anger quickly, but keeps it fairly under control when necessary. She feels rather an outcast and spends most of her time accordingly-- alone.

    Effect: Visual/Auditory Hallucinations and Precognition (they go hand-in-hand, and are not separate "abilities")

    Bio: Though she grew up in an average house, in an average neighborhood, in an average suburban town, Elan did not grow up in an average family. As a child, Elan was raised in a very over-protective environment; her parents didn't trust the outside world, and only told her of the terrible things that happened, refusing to let her go out alone unless it was to school-- and on very rare occasions, to a friend's house.. And seeing as Elan didn't have many friends, her social skills suffered, and she became quite introverted.

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