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    Name: Zaiden Steele

    Sex: Male

    Age: 18

    Race: Caucasian

    Appearance: 6’0”, 140 lbs. Tall and thin, with dark brown, shaggy hair and green eyes. He’s a little pale, but not much. Usually somewhat slouched over.

    Personality: Zaiden is very introverted and shy, and therefore does not speak much. He is very observant, and mostly just listens and watches other people as opposed to adding to the conversation. He is almost never mean or aggressive unless provoked. He cares about the well being of others, even though he may be too meek to help in certain situations.

    Effect: Zaiden acquired a six foot long, prehensile tail. (No, it is not covered in fur)

    Bio: Zaiden Alek Steele grew up the only child of Frank and Celia Steele. His father is a doctor and his mother is a teacher. He has lived in the same house his whole life, yet has never really made any real friends. School was never a place of social delight for him. In fact it was much the opposite. He is very shy and reserved because of the negative experiences that he has had with his peers: both extravagant and subtle. He enjoys reading and listening to music, as both help him to escape from his unpleasant reality. He also sketches a lot, usually capturing people or things he sees in every day life.

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