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    Post  Nerio|Erick on Mon Jul 02, 2012 12:26 am

    Name: Nerio De Aguero

    Sex: Male.

    Age: 18

    Race: Mixed.

    Appearance: 6'3" His skin stone is caramel in the need of sun, and weight is unknown to him and everyone else. In shape, but most would pass him as skinny. He possess a moderate amount of body hair, and scar running down his inner right forearm, and a perpendicular scar on his outer left arm. (which are covered most of the time by long sleeves). He claims to have four piercings, but only his ears and belly button are seen. Eyes are a sad looking grey, which contrast his "always smiling" lips. Average nose and a deep scar (about an inch) on his right cheek.

    Personality: Trusting, and considered to be too optimistic by most, and calm enough to enrage people. Nerio has the patience of a tree, but is known to explode in anger when his limits are pushed, something that rarely happens. A nudist at heart he prefers wearing as few articles of clothes as possible a quality that leads him into trouble. His mannerism tend to range from your typical guy, to a "diva". Also known to hate labels and anything that resembles them he goes by the saying "Live, and let live", and indulging in most pleasures of life. He seems to always complain about how cold it is, and adapts to situations as he sees fit. Hair is usually buzzed, or really short and the darkest of brown if not black.

    Effect: After the storm Nerio obtained the ability to manipulate liquids(freeze, boil, and move them)as long as he is in contact with them(He can extend tentacles from water, but it all has to be rooted to him). He may also turn into a water like substance however this always causes him to vomit violently.

    Offense: Indecent exposure.

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