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    Name: Tyler Blackburn

    Sex: Male

    Age: 19

    Race: Caucasian, English

    Appearance: Tyler had pale skin, as he rarely is out in the sun often and burns easily. His height is five foot and nine inches, with a body that is lean and gangly. He has long fingers and toes, but is more narrow opposed to being wide. His hair is thick, black and is often rather messy which brings out his light, gray-blue eyes. He has a long neck, and his facial bones do not protrude much, giving him more of a soft appearance than a sharp one.

    Personality: A self-reliant person who is indifferent towards others, while becoming arrogant and conceited. Tyler doesn't care if he hurts others with his words or actions, he takes care of himself and believes that he doesn't need others, making him; rude, aloof and callous. He's a selfish individual, and only ever uses others. He doesn't hold back when expressing his opinions and if often blunt, cynical and very sarcastic. Tyler is simply not a nice guy and doesn't care, he's not well liked but it doesn't effect him. He's resentful towards other people, and does not forgive easily, becoming easily bitter. He buried all emotions that regarded sympathy, caring and overall affection long ago. He doesn't trust anyone besides himself, and rarely expresses strong emotion outside of anger.

    Effect: Healing Factor. Basically the ability to heal rapidly and with greater finality from any injury. A passive type power that only affects himself.

    Bio: Tyler is a bastard child, and was placed in his mother's care as an only child. His mother is a self-absorbed woman that abused alcohol, and if she wasn't ignoring or abandoning her kid, she was yelling at him, or criticizing him. Tyler basically raised himself, outside of school he didn't have anyone to look after him, and once he was able to feed and bath himself properly his mother would leave him alone for weeks at a time. Occasionally someone else would come into his life, but they would sooner or later leave, usually after a fight or from being fed up with him. These conditions made him who he is, an uncaring, vengeful loner with trust issues. Once he was old enough to live on his own he left his mother's flat and got his own. He graduated high school, and while he had his habits of abusing alcohol and drugs, along with a number of sexual partners of both genders and a nicotine addiction, he managed to hold up maintaining jobs since he was a young teenager and can support himself. When someone betrayed him, after he started opening up in a relationship, he smashed their car windows and slashed their tires, along with denting the frame. Tyler was then sentenced to 3 months in jail, and is now serving out community service.

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