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    Character Template


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    Character Template Empty Character Template

    Post  Tetheas on Wed Aug 24, 2011 1:32 pm

    The following is a template for character submissions. You may add anything you wish to your character's submission, but you must have at least what is shown below.

    Name: (The character’s name)

    Sex: (The sex and gender of the character)

    Age: (The character’s age. Keep in mind that all main characters must be under 21 or under, as they are young offenders.)

    Race: (The character’s race/ethnicity)

    Appearance: (A physical description of the character)

    Personality: (A description of the character's personality)

    Effect: (The effect that the storm has on the character)

    Bio: (A brief bio for the character. You may choose to put the reason the character is in community service here, or write it into the RP, or both)

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