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    Name: Alice Elaine Weaver

    Sex: Female

    Age: 16

    Race: Caucasian

    Appearance: She is of average height (around 5’ 6”) with a slender frame (weighing around 105 lb.), with short, wavy, mousy brown hair almost in the style of a pixie cut. Often her ears poke out from under her hair giving her a distinctly elven and innocent air. She has silver-green eyes and a pale, but healthy complexion. She has a heart-shaped face and delicate features. She carries a small notepad around her neck to write out what she cannot say for the people who don’t understand sign language. She also usually dresses in light, flowing, and natural-colored clothes, preferring dresses and skirts or loose jeans.

    Personality: She is very child-like so she can be very nervous and shy when in foreign situations, but happy and bouncy when in her element. She is curious and adventurous and focuses on the details of life, rather than the bigger picture. She cannot speak, but her open nature easily shows what she feels. She is usually happily in her own world when nothing demands her attention, and therefore lacks the knowledge of many social cues, but it doesn’t really trouble her since she cannot speak(she is mute).

    Effect: Alice can heal people. She cannot heal herself, but in moments of extreme distress when others are hurt she absorbs their pain and their injuries heal. So that she feels the injuries others acquire after healing them, but no wounds are present on her.

    Bio: Alice lives a quiet existence, but it never really bothered her. She’d rather have big decisions made by someone else so that she is free to be herself. Her consciousness of herself and her feelings was always a mystery to her, so her moods can be a little extreme in the rate that they can change. Her mother and father are divorced and they are often at odds. There was some minor physical abuse her mother would cause to her father when they were still together, so when anyone gets hurt, Alice gets really upset. Alice “tones the world out” when passively bad things are happening. She lives with her mother in a slightly-below middle class apartment. Her mother works almost all the time to keep up with the bills, leaving Alice alone most of the time. Alice is relatively happy most of the time and usually explores the less-than-safe neighborhood. It was there that set the stage for her to come across a small group of mischievous teenagers vandalizing an old building. Her curiosity brought her to observe closer, where she is soon discovered. Unfortunately, police sirens are soon heard and the troublemakers scatter. She is left looking incredibly guilty and is later sent to do community service as punishment.

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