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    Name: Luke Sterling

    Sex: Male

    Age: 16

    Race: Caucasian (white)

    Appearance: 5’ 2” 109 lbs. Small and thin, but proportionate. Smooth, casually short brown hair. Trained, sometimes stiff, posture, thin shoulders, delicate features, distinguishable higher-pitched voice.

    Personality: [Positive attributes]: Altruistic, devoted, sensitive, religious, gentle, well read, reflective, consoling. [Negative attributes]: Timid, indecisive, dramatic, ignorant, cowardly, needy, dependent, easily discouraged, fearful, jealous.

    Effect: Flight. Wings.

    Bio: A foster child, Luke J. Longinus Sterling served as an alter-boy in his Roman Catholic faith since the age of seven, traveling from church to church and working under several different priests. When he was 13 he entered the seminary to pursue priesthood, encouraged into the path so young by the Bishop of his Diocese. For several years he served as a black cassocked ‘brother’, the youngest of his house, living with several priests and brothers at an old oratory, where he studied for ordination into an eventual priesthood. His self-demeaning attitude and his certainty that he wasn't worthy of ordination gained some attention from the priests he studied under who sought to console these doubts away. Luke was ignorant about much of the outside world beyond the oratory, sheltered most of his childhood, devoted to a quiet and rather lonely life. The boy forged deep, trustful, and almost needy friendships with the clergy, the office help, and lay people Father allowed in the oratory, later this put him in a vulnerable position.

    His offense: Driving under the influence, hit and run. (Background story to be written into the RP)

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